Concepts that travel. Globally inspired

Inhouse collection of lifestyle ventures

Strategic Intent

Small Global Monopolies

Its overriding goal is to build lasting investment value by working on pioneering business ideas with truly global potential, which greatly benefit from the new consumer and technology trends.

By developing unique product and service concepts for variety of consumer markets, from fashion to health and entertainment, Anporia addresses its offer to a large international audience, open to diverse and repetitive shopping.

ANGELEO Investment House is the author of a vast majority of new business concepts, and the sole or dominant owner of all ventures in Anporia’s portfolio.

Growth Model

Total Novelty

Its aim is to create a portfolio of strong market brands, commonly recognized within its own specific areas of consumer interest.

All projects initiated by Anporia are managed by entrepreneurial and independent business partners, capable of proposing new ideas and leading unique commercial ventures. They are also encouraged to look for any mutual benefits existing within the entire group.

No subsidiaries of Anporia own any manufacturing facilities and they outsource all production and logistics functions to selected subcontractors.

Market Strategy

Hybrid Approach

  • betting on an attractive franchise potential of all “harder” business concepts (Lodeon, Anporium, Eagers Cafe, Hubu Life, Universal Vision);

  • using the already well tested direct-to-consumer model by pushing the Internet and social media for all “softer” business ideas (Vogue Nouveau, Eagers Club, You & Joy, WIN2LOVE, Anporium Challenge);

  • working with existing networks of distributors for some specialty products (Fandom Fragrance, Vodola Spirit).

An important element of the adopted market strategy is a justified belief that the world of advertising (including social media) is currently undergoing intensive changes in search of new forms of access and that products offering positive emotional associations will constitute a relatively attractive form of support for the image of many companies.



Personality Augmented By Fashion

A virtual gallery of pop-up stores for mini brands with unique fashion concepts, sharing the same eco philosophy

Space Animation & Intelligent Gamification

A labyrinth arena for alternative realities

Gamification of social drinking

Degustation Casino

Sport Identity Scents

Signature collections of club cosmetics with branded packaging that resonates in the hearts of fans

Long Love Living

A global alternative brand devoted to happy and lasting relationships

Digitally Social Drinking

A modern brand for a global consumer of alcoholic beverages

Fountain of Longevity

A family of modern supplements for cellular reconstruction in aging bodies

The art of Providing Entertainment

New formats of artistic events offering meaningful experience for a more demanding audience



Playground for adults

Secret breaking game for lovers

Blind drink testing



Souvenir packaging (patent application)

Programmable space (patent)

Original recipes and unique way of decorating bottles

High-tech tables for drink degustation (patent application)

Special formula for a modern supplement (new patents)

Special formula for a modern supplement (new patents)

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